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Scope Creep. It’s What’s for Dinner.

Once upon a time there was a whiny Product Owner, two Team Leads, a Dev Director, an executive, and only 2 days to go in the sprint. Enter the unplanned feature. The villainous Scope Creep we all know and hate. But … Continue reading

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Can a Team be Scrum without Retrospectives?

Sometimes Twitter is just a bunch of crap and noise. Other times, stuff comes over that you just can’t ignore. After we published the State of Agile report, I had one of those moments. It hit me after one dude tweeted … Continue reading

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Best Agile Management Blog Posts of 2013

It’s a busy week. Many of us are returning ugly sweaters from Great-Aunt Lenora, re-gifting fruit cakes, and putting away holiday decorations (DON’T be that house with a reindeer globe on the lawn in February). Just be glad you’re not … Continue reading

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