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15 Useful Pacts for Agile Teams: An Agile Team Creed

The Agile Manifesto values “Individuals and Interactions” over “Process and Tools.”  I suspect it was no accident that this was listed first.  Lack of communication, miscommunication, or the mistaken presumption that communication has occurred, are the root cause of many … Continue reading

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Transparency in Agile Projects, Not Emperor’s Clothing

Transparency is the Fabric of Agility Apparently insecurity about expressing truth and transparency is not a new problem.  Published back in 1837 by Hans Christian Andersen, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” accurately describes a phenomenon alive and well today.  In a … Continue reading

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Make It So… If Only Software Project Management Were That Simple

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Yet many traditional command-and-control organizations think they can work this way. Manager types go behind closed doors and through a series of many meetings come forth with “The Plan.”  The plan directs what is to be … Continue reading

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Retrospectives Might Be a Waste of Time If…

Retrospective:  looking back on or dealing with past events or situations.   In projects, it is a meeting to discuss what was successful, what could be improved, and how to incorporate successes and improvements into future initiatives.  In Scrum, the purpose … Continue reading

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