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Agile Metrics: Measuring Process Value

One of the things I emphasize in my executive engagements is the need to focus on measuring results rather than expectations, since expectations tend to focus more on operational adherence rather than value delivery. Couched within this conversation is the … Continue reading

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Agile for the Knowledge Age

One of the greatest ironies in business today is found in our management practices.  Recruitment is estimated to cost nearly 150% of the first year’s salary for the new hire.  This comes as no surprise, since companies want the best … Continue reading

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Agile Lean Metrics – How Big Should Your Experiment Be?

Agile 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee has officially wrapped up.  The atmosphere was lively and informative, with all the great vendors and speakers making this a great show.  If you missed this year’s conference, make sure you start planning today for … Continue reading

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Why Matters

Whenever someone asks a question, they are likely seeking further understanding about whatever is placed before them.  Ultimately, they are seeking to determine why it should be important to them, whether they say it out loud or not.  “Why” is behind … Continue reading

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