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Secret Recipe for Building Self-Organizing Teams

Guest post by Venkatesh Krishnamurthy, Advisor and Curator, Cutter, Techwell, Zephyr Some time back I noticed something odd with an agile team. Team temperature used to be 10 out of 10, and each team member expressed their happiness working on this … Continue reading

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What’s Down With Agile Documentation?

Guest post by Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman of EBG Consulting Recently we worked with an agile team that was building an FDA-regulated medical device. Some team members were worried about how to produce the required verification and validation documents. “What … Continue reading

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With Me It’s All or Nuthin’

Forgive me for bringing up show tunes.  I love the old musicals. One of the true classics of American theater is the show Oklahoma.  I got to thinking about this in a very roundabout way the other day.  The song, called … Continue reading

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Agile Mind-sets: The Power of an Analogy

Guest post by Fred Pernet and Roly Stimson of Emergn Never underestimate the power of an analogy. Scientists increasingly think it is central to pretty much all thought, but particularly innovative thinking, where we are moving into new conceptual landscapes and … Continue reading

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Strengthen Your Discovery Muscle

Guest post by Mary Gorman & Ellen Gottesdiener of EBG Consulting   In a recent interview in the New York Times, Panera Bread co-CEO Ronald M. Shaich talks about the importance of de­veloping an organization’s “discovery muscle” as well as … Continue reading

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Organizational Learning Always Precedes Agile Maturity

I’ve become increasingly convinced that a lack of learning is one of the largest inhibitors of agile transformation results.  One can argue that we are at, or nearing, the end of the knowledge era.  Knowledge is ubiquitous.  Simple possession of … Continue reading

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Valuable Agile Retrospectives: How to Do Them?

Guest post from Ben Linders, Netherlands-based Sr. Consultant, InfoQ editor and bilingual (Dutch & English) blogger At the end of an iteration, typically two meetings are held: The sprint review (or demo) which focuses on getting product feedback, and the … Continue reading

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SAFe and Other Frameworks for Scaling Agile: A Case Study

The following is a guest post from Brad Swanson, VP and Sr. Agile Coach at agile42 Scaling agile is one of today’s top challenges for many. I hear it from our customers all of the time. When agile and non-agile … Continue reading

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Education Led Transformation

Guest post from Alex Adamopoulos, founder/CEO of Emergn Limited In the 1960s the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) developed the 70/20/10 model, a model that demonstrated how people learn best when it comes to doing their jobs. The study showed that … Continue reading

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Scalable Agile Estimation and Normalization of Story Points: Calibrated Normalization Method for Bottom-Up Estimation (Part 4 of 5)

In Part 1 of this multi-part blog series, I introduced the topic of the blog series and provided an overview.  Scalable agile estimation methods are required to provide reliable estimates of workload (work effort) and also reliable velocity metrics (both … Continue reading

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