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Executive Visibility in Successful Agile Enterprises

A colleague recently asked me, “What if developers only got paid when features ship?” “They’d only do the easy ones,” I replied, only half-joking. But as I thought about it more, I asked myself, “What if nobody in the entire … Continue reading

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A Simple Approach to Get Stronger Agile Executive Support

              If the leading business literature from the past couple of years is to be believed, leanness and agility have become must-have characteristics of any company that expects to thrive. Yet, lack of executive … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Executives Leading Agile Transformations

Dear Executive, Let me congratulate you on your decision to introduce agile methods within your organization. It is a wise decision that holds incredible potential for your employees, your company, and especially your customers. If you are just beginning your … Continue reading

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