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An Agile Team Task by Any Other Name – A To Do

Let me first say, I know the idea of task decomposition is fairly well covered and some might call it a basic practice of any team; however, as a coach helping teams to adopt agile software development, I don’t always … Continue reading

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Agile Mind-sets: The Power of an Analogy

Guest post by Fred Pernet and Roly Stimson of Emergn Never underestimate the power of an analogy. Scientists increasingly think it is central to pretty much all thought, but particularly innovative thinking, where we are moving into new conceptual landscapes and … Continue reading

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Experiencing Agile: 6 Agile Planning and Analysis Practices to Try

A guest post from EBG Consulting‘s Ellen Gottesdiener & Mary Gorman What practices can you adopt to help your team experience agile? This question was raised by a listener to the podcast we recorded on agile analysis practices with BA … Continue reading

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Estimation in an Agile Organization – A Barometer of Dysfunction?

Estimation in agile organizations still seems to be a pretty hot topic.  I was reading a recent post by Mike Cohn on his blog about it.  Mike states: “Because I’m so interested in estimating and planning, I always take notice … Continue reading

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