2 Great Talks on Lean Management & Story Mapping Coming to DC 3/20

If you’re in the DC area, or know someone who is, be sure to mark the calendar for March 20th. You won’t want to miss this great lineup of talks coming to AgilePalooza DC, including these two from our friends at Lithespeed:

“Timeliness of Lean Management” – keynote from Sanjiv Augustine and “Story Mapping in a Nutshell” from Arlen Bankston. Here’s a quick overview of their upcoming presentations.

Timeliness of Lean Management

Agile development methods like Scrum, XP, and recently Kanban have achieved notable success in improving speed to value, reducing waste, and raising customer and team satisfaction. Successful practitioners worldwide have cut development times, improved product quality and reduced engineering cost. Notably, underlying the agile methods are timeless Lean principles, including: focus on customer value, respect for people, and continuous improvement. At AgilePalooza Sanjiv will describe how agile teams in various organizations are implementing Lean management.

You’ll learn the basics of Lean, including its origins in the Toyota Production System, and how to apply Lean to software development with the disciplined practices like automated build-and-test and test driven development. You’ll also see how program-level Lean-Agile PMOs manage WIP, how executive teams use visual control to manage their enterprises, how managers collocate in oobeya team rooms to go to the gemba, and how kaizen teams drive continuous improvement across the organization.

Story Mapping in a Nutshell

Using interactive exercises, Arlen will discuss how to do advanced product and release planning using the simple, but powerful technique called Story Mapping.  This technique has been used by many agile teams to better represent the product backlog in a way that facilitates rapid prioritization based upon clearly articulated stakeholder and business goals.  Participants will see how story maps can be used to efficiently run agile release roadmapping and planning sessions that transparently balance multiple project goals and constraints.

Learn more and register for the event at http://agilepalooza-dc2013.eventbrite.com/

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