WTF is There a Panda at Agile 2013?

If you’re at Agile 2013, you might be wondering:  “Did I REALLY see a giant panda walking around the exhibition floor last night, or did I have one too many glasses of wine?”

paintball video thumbYes, you did see a 7-ft-tall panda. (Well, you probably had one too many drinks too, but that’s not our fault…) It’s true; VersionOne now owns a Panda suit. Don’t ask how we got it, but we do. And we’ve been creating Agile Pandamonium with it over the past few weeks, in case you missed the videos.

“Agile Panda” is a mischievously surly dude who has very little patience for software organizations using manual tools to manage their agile development projects. He’s not shy about his stance on Gantt charts, whiteboards and spreadsheets. Sometimes he just pulls pranks for the hell of it, even if you are using a tool.

Check him out in action and share the link. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed filming. (Oh, and be sure to watch the new outtakes, which were filmed just before the conference. It’s what happens when 10 VersionOne employees with a panda suit and a whole lot of booze take off in a panel van for a night out in Atlanta!)

Prevent Agile Pandamonium: Say Yes to the Tool:

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