An Introduction to AgileSherpa: By and for the Agile community

Moving your company towards adopting Agile practices and principles can be a lonely place. Most likely, the road will be rough, challenging, strenuous as your team transitions into this new world.

Where do you turn for help?

Where can you go to get your questions answered?

You’ll need a trusted advisor for this journey; AgileSherpa is your partner.

AgileSherpa is a Web site ‘by and for the Agile community’, providing help for those individuals and teams just starting down the Agile road and experienced Agilists who may just need a slight course correction.

AgileSherpa is a comprehensive resource.

In this blog post, I’ll profile the following sections: Intro to Agile, Training, Events.

In the second and final installment, you’ll learn about the News, Coach and Resources sections.

Intro to Agile:

Before you see the gains that Agile will bring to your team and organization, you need to understand the basics.

The Intro to Agile section lays the framework by answering the questions that need to be considered and absorbed:

  • What is Agile Development?
  • Why Agile?
  • How do I set up an environment for my team to succeed?

If you haven’t asked these questions already, your executive team undoubtedly is thinking in this direction. Be ready with the answers.


  • Need help writing user stories?
  • Does your team want to become CSM-certified?
  • Are you considering Kanban, but need to know if it’s the right fit?

Training might be in your best interest.

AgileSherpa continually aggregates the best training classes from the world of scrum, lean, Kanban. Can’t take your team off-site? No worries. We also have a number of classes that conduct the learning in Webinar format.

Take advantage of the easy-to-use section to browse for classes by month and region.

Have some classes that you’d like to list on AgileSherpa? It’s all in the Training section, and it’s all free.


If you’ve been to an Agile conference or event, you know you leave the event with new perspectives, insights, and perhaps a fresh look at a few new products or services.

When looking to attend a conference or event, turn to AgileSherpa’s events section to steer you towards the best content.

We have events focused on agile and developers, innovation, open space discussions, and Kanban.

The Events section will keep you on the path of growth and learning.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this AgileSherpa tour when we review the News, Coach, and Resources section.

Dan Naden
Community Manager


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