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Education Led Transformation

Guest post from Alex Adamopoulos, founder/CEO of Emergn Limited In the 1960s the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) developed the 70/20/10 model, a model that demonstrated how people learn best when it comes to doing their jobs. The study showed that … Continue reading

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Distributed Agile: Past and Present

In 2006, a company named SirsiDynix in the US successfully executed a fairly large and complex project using a distributed agile approach with help from StarSoft Labs, an Eastern European and Russian outsourcer who was an early pioneer in distributed … Continue reading

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Agility is Not a Budget Line Item

The last year has proven to be tumultuous for many companies and especially enterprise IT organizations. Interestingly, the challenges are not too different from what has existed for some time; a combination of delayed projects, failed attempts at introducing change … Continue reading

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The Realization of Where We Are With Agile

A guest post from Alex Adamopoulos, CEO of Emergn Limited In recent weeks I have been involved in or privy to conversations with four global financial services companies, a research and publishing company and an airline all talking on the topic … Continue reading

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Must-Haves for Agile Contracts

Agile contracts are a hot topic. In our recent thought paper, Sourcing for Agile, we discussed the challenges of sourcing software development services where speed and agility are key, and we discussed different management and agile development methodologies that have been tried … Continue reading

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