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SolutionsIQ: Automating Application Development, SAFe, and Other Takeaways from AgilePalooza Seattle

“How do we get the servers to be as responsive as our software development?” SolutionsIQ developer/coach Ben Tomasini asked this question last week at AgilePalooza in Seattle. It was just one of the many topics that he and a number … Continue reading

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What is DevOps, Anyway?

We just got done moderating the latest webinar in the AgileLIVE series… “The Challenges and Rewards of DevOps.” The series started last week with Damon Poole, chief agilist at Eliassen Group. Damon did a really good deep-dive into What is DevOps? … Continue reading

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This is Way Better Than the Ice Bucket Challenge!

If you feel like there’s a lot of time being idled away on the Ice Bucket Challenge and other wacky, brainless activities, we have a better idea to spend your time. In just 10 minutes you could do something really valuable … Continue reading

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Scope Creep. It’s What’s for Dinner.

Once upon a time there was a whiny Product Owner, two Team Leads, a Dev Director, an executive, and only 2 days to go in the sprint. Enter the unplanned feature. The villainous Scope Creep we all know and hate. But … Continue reading

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Can a Team be Scrum Without Retrospectives?

Sometimes Twitter is just a bunch of crap and noise. Other times, stuff comes over that you just can’t ignore. After we published the State of Agile report, I had one of those moments. It hit me after one dude tweeted … Continue reading

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Best Agile Management Blog Posts of 2013

It’s a busy week. Many of us are returning ugly sweaters from Great-Aunt Lenora, re-gifting fruit cakes, and putting away holiday decorations (DON’T be that house with a reindeer globe on the lawn in February). Just be glad you’re not … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things the State of Agile Development Survey WON’T Tell You

Every year we publish the highly anticipated results of our State of Agile Development Survey. And every year we see momentum for agile climb, supported by consistent business benefits (faster time to market, ability to manage changing priorities, better alignment … Continue reading

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