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Establishing a Sustainable Pace

Guest post by Ben Linders, Netherlands-based senior consultant, InfoQ editor and blogger Agile promotes that teams work in a sustainable pace to be able to keep delivering value to their customers. When agile teams are working under too much pressure, technical debt increases … Continue reading

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Valuable Agile Retrospectives: How to Do Them?

Guest post from Ben Linders, Netherlands-based Sr. Consultant, InfoQ editor and bilingual (Dutch & English) blogger At the end of an iteration, typically two meetings are held: The sprint review (or demo) which focuses on getting product feedback, and the … Continue reading

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Self-Assessing How Agile You Are

A guest post from Ben Linders’ blog: Sharing My Experience. Ben is a Quality, Agile, Lean & Process Improvement expert, co-author of Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives, and editor @InfoQ. Do your teams want to know how agile they are? And … Continue reading

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