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The Agile Community to Join Forces in Detroit: @AgileAndBeyond

Agile and Beyond: the words paint an image of a dark, star-lit sky. The starship Agile floats through the air toward some distant, efficient, high-performing process improvement. Excuse the attempt at a dreamy, poetic intro; I’ve got Valentine’s Day on … Continue reading

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Reasons to Check Out Agile Open Northwest

Imagine entering a bazaar where all your questions are answered by experts with wide ranging perspective, beliefs and experiences. Think of being transformed by the learnings, exchanges, debates and discussions. Visualize being feeling courageous, bold and spontaneous when new topics … Continue reading

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Agile Portfolio Management, Continuous Integration and Scaling Agile Come to Agilepalooza

Agilepalooza Austin is set for December 6!  We are excited to share the thinking of our presenters, who are speaking on topics like continuous integration, scaling agile enterprise-wide, agile portfolio management, and more.   We’ve got six presenters total, and … Continue reading

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