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Jo Hollen is an agile coach and product consultant at VersionOne. Jo has more than 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry. Her career began with training Space Shuttle astronauts. Jo later moved into software engineering management where she introduced agile practices for Mission Control Center applications, including software currently onboard the International Space Station. With a passion for continuous improvement and challenging the status quo, Jo believes that servant leadership and agile principles and values just make sense and welcomes the opportunity to help organizations optimize their effectiveness. In her free time, Jo enjoys gardening, swimming, and outings by the water.

State of Agile: Culture Matters

So you want to adopt agile within your organization or perhaps your transformation is already underway. You are not alone as the number of organizations of all sizes adopting agile continues to grow. The increasing popularity of agile persists because … Continue reading

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Agile 2015 Conference Highlights: Saluting Enterprise Agility

I am just returning from a fantastic week at the 2015 Agile Alliance Agile conference held from August 3-7 just outside Washington D.C. and wanted to share some highlights with those who were unable to attend. This conference attracts international … Continue reading

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10 Benefits of Agile You Definitely Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Are you sure you’re receiving the most benefits of agile possible? Do you know the top ten benefits of agile? Read this article to learn what nearly 4,000 of your agile peers said were the benefits of agile that their … Continue reading

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15 Useful Pacts for Agile Teams: An Agile Team Creed

The Agile Manifesto values “Individuals and Interactions” over “Process and Tools.”  I suspect it was no accident that this was listed first.  Lack of communication, miscommunication, or the mistaken presumption that communication has occurred, are the root cause of many … Continue reading

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Transparency in Agile Projects, Not Emperor’s Clothing

Transparency is the Fabric of Agility Apparently insecurity about expressing truth and transparency is not a new problem.  Published back in 1837 by Hans Christian Andersen, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” accurately describes a phenomenon alive and well today.  In a … Continue reading

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Make It So… If Only Software Project Management Were That Simple

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Yet many traditional command-and-control organizations think they can work this way. Manager types go behind closed doors and through a series of many meetings come forth with “The Plan.”  The plan directs what is to be … Continue reading

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Retrospectives Might Be a Waste of Time If…

Retrospective:  looking back on or dealing with past events or situations.   In projects, it is a meeting to discuss what was successful, what could be improved, and how to incorporate successes and improvements into future initiatives.  In Scrum, the purpose … Continue reading

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