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Lowell Lindstrom is among the early pioneers of agile and has been deeply involved in developing and deploying software products for nearly 30 years. Before joining VersionOne, Lowell led the Oobeya Group, an agile and lean services firm he founded to help organizations succeed at agile adoption. Prior to founding Oobeya, Lowell was a partner at Object Mentor, an organization that helped launch the agile movement and developed partnerships that laid the groundwork for the Agile Manifesto and formation of the Agile Alliance. Lowell holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree in management from Northwestern University.

Corporate Values: Really Valuable, or Really Just a Poster?

You hear about the agile values and they seem to make sense, but what the heck is a value system? And how do you use value systems in your daily work? Do your values really help you do your job … Continue reading

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Make Agile 2014 PEACHy

This year, I’m excited to be returning the Agile Conference. Having organized and participated in the conference from 2001-2005, my attendance became sporadic as the beginning of the youth football season (my other coaching gig) won out over the annual … Continue reading

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