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Estimation in an Agile Organization – A Barometer of Dysfunction?

Estimation in agile organizations still seems to be a pretty hot topic.  I was reading a recent post by Mike Cohn on his blog about it.  Mike states: “Because I’m so interested in estimating and planning, I always take notice … Continue reading

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The Change to Agile Development – Make it Visible

A common occurrence when driving the change to agile development is that once you start to try to increase the circle of influence of the initiative, you will undoubtedly run the risk of encountering cultural, personal and political resistance to … Continue reading

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Part 2 of 2: Kanban vs Scrum Myths & Hype

In the first part of this post we established a context about Kanban as an agile software tool (not to be confused with the manufacturing term, kanban).  I also explored some of the key myths and hype behind Kanban vs … Continue reading

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