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Part 1 of 2: Kanban vs Scrum Myths and Hype

Recently, I heard folks at a few of my clients and at a couple conferences talking about why they are considering moving to using Kanban vs. Scrum.  I have no preference to either method other than choosing the right agile … Continue reading

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User Experience – Integrating UX Into An Agile Initiative

I frequently get asked about how to best integrate UX / UI teams into Agile initiatives, so that they work in a more iterative, incremental manner. UX folks coming from a more sequential development environment often report that Agile compromises … Continue reading

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Agiles 2011 Buenos Aires Agile Methodologies Conference – Agile Interest Growing

I write this on my return journey home from Buenos Aires, Argentina and speaking at the  Agiles 2011. This is the fourth annual Agiles Conference. The organizers should be commended. The conference has improved each year according to attendees, including … Continue reading

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