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Agile Burndown Charts

A burndown chart is an incredibly powerful, and maybe even more important, simple agile tool for measuring and managing project progress.  Visually, a burndown chart is nothing more than a line chart representing remaining work over time.  Burndown charts are … Continue reading

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Can Gantt Charts be Agile?

Project managers love their Gantt Charts. For years, we were asked to deliver a Gantt Chart for agile development projects.  Resisting each time in the name of everything agile, our internal name for a Gantt chart had previously been a … Continue reading

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Benefits of Agile

When asked about the real benefits of agile development, I typically focus on 4 areas: Visibility – stakeholder collaboration and validation throughout the development life-cycle Value – continuous delivery of much more measurable business value Adaptability – the ability to … Continue reading

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