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‘Twas The Night Before Sprint Planning

We hope you enjoy this holiday poem on Sprint Planning. It was an early holiday gift to the Agile Management Blog from Daniel Gullo, owner/principal of Apple Brook Consulting. Thanks, Daniel! ‘Twas the night before Sprint Planning, and all through the … Continue reading

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Getting The Most Out of Your Agile Testing

Guest post by Kevin Dunne, product specialist for QASymphony Getting the Most Out of Your Agile Testing Testing—even in agile environments—is almost always constrained. Testers and developers may feel beholden to legacy software investments or stuck with status quo methodologies. … Continue reading

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Agile Software Needs Craftsmen

So, you want to be an Agile shop.  You’ve read all kinds of cool stuff about Sprints, and WIP limits, and daily stand-up meetings.  You even think you get this crazy User Story and Planning Poker stuff.  You put together a … Continue reading

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