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The Critical Aspect of DevOps You’re Overlooking

DevOps tends to be viewed through a technical lens, but the people aspect is what will dictate your success or failure. So, how are the people challenges of DevOps more important than the technical challenges? Recently I was reading Puppet … Continue reading

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Is DevOps a People Problem AND a Technical Problem?

Over the past few years, I’ve become more familiar with the works of Jerry Weinberg.  One of his best is a book called Secrets of Consulting, which I highly recommend to all those who give advice for a living.  Among … Continue reading

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SolutionsIQ: Automating Application Development, SAFe, and Other Takeaways from AgilePalooza Seattle

“How do we get the servers to be as responsive as our software development?” SolutionsIQ developer/coach Ben Tomasini asked this question last week at AgilePalooza in Seattle. It was just one of the many topics that he and a number … Continue reading

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