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So You Want to Scale Your Agile?

Guest post by AgileBill Krebs of Agile Dimensions Some teams – such as sustaining engineering teams – are fine with Kanban. This method shows work on a taskboard as it progresses from waiting, to doing, to done, with an eye … Continue reading

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Scaling Agile: How Do You Scale from Projects to Programs?

Guest post by Johanna Rothman of Rothman Consulting Group You have some agile teams who are successful. Good for you! Now you have a strategic project that will require many agile teams to create a program. You know you need … Continue reading

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The 4-Step Action Plan for Agile Health: Step 4: Develop and Implement your customized plan for adopting healthy agile-lean practices

Agile development requires a cross-functional, self-organized team to deliver potentially shippable software at the end of each sprint, with analysis, design, code developing and testing activities going on concurrently (not sequentially) within each sprint.      Combining Agile/Scrum development with some of … Continue reading

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