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Agile Software Needs Craftsmen

So, you want to be an Agile shop.  You’ve read all kinds of cool stuff about Sprints, and WIP limits, and daily stand-up meetings.  You even think you get this crazy User Story and Planning Poker stuff.  You put together a … Continue reading

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Agile Mind-sets: The Power of an Analogy

Guest post by Fred Pernet and Roly Stimson of Emergn Never underestimate the power of an analogy. Scientists increasingly think it is central to pretty much all thought, but particularly innovative thinking, where we are moving into new conceptual landscapes and … Continue reading

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Self-Assessing How Agile You Are

A guest post from Ben Linders’ blog: Sharing My Experience. Ben is a Quality, Agile, Lean & Process Improvement expert, co-author of Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives, and editor @InfoQ. Do your teams want to know how agile they are? And … Continue reading

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