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How We Celebrated Our CTO’s Birthday and How You Can, Too

This week at VersionOne we had the opportunity to celebrate our CTO Ian Culling for having a birthday.  He won’t tell us how old he is, so I guess that means he’s over 20?  If you get the chance to … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Cultivating an Agile Culture

We’ve all heard the maxim change is difficult.  The reasons that change is hard are far too numerous to discuss in a single blog posting.  My intent here is to specifically focus on organizational agile transformations and the difficulty of … Continue reading

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Behaviors and Culture Can Impair Creating Good Product

When we think culture, we often think about nationality and/or regional cultures. Culture is often a dinner discussion with my wife and friends; it’s great to reflect upon how our upbringing, surroundings, and maybe even our genetics drive our work … Continue reading

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