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Are You Agile Enough for DevOps?

One of the biggest buzzwords in the industry lately is DevOps.  We all know by now what DevOps is intended to offer, and most organizations are looking for at least some subset of the promise of a continuous delivery flow … Continue reading

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Sketch Your Way to Faster Consensus and Better Products

This meeting is a waste of my time. When was the last time you had that thought? Was it because the conversation wasn’t focused, or people couldn’t agree, or maybe they were in violent agreement, but couldn’t see it? We … Continue reading

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Measuring What Counts: Introducing the Better, Faster, Cheaper, Happier Measurement Framework

At Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) we have been involved in many agile adoptions ranging in size from single teams to entire IT development organizations. The single biggest problem we see is organizations not understanding why they are changing the way … Continue reading

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