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Top 10 Tips for Measuring Agile Success

Choosing the right agile metric to measure agile success is really simple, right? I wish that were the case, but in reality choosing the correct agile metric can be a little tricky. So, how do you get the most out … Continue reading

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Agile Teams Should Sprint, But in the Same Direction as Enterprise PPM Strategy

  Guest post by James Chan, director, technical presales at CA Technologies I think we can all agree that agile techniques have made their way into large enterprises. As agile adoption crosses the threshold into large enterprises, agile teams sometimes … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Cultivating an Agile Culture

We’ve all heard the maxim change is difficult.  The reasons that change is hard are far too numerous to discuss in a single blog posting.  My intent here is to specifically focus on organizational agile transformations and the difficulty of … Continue reading

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