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How We Celebrated Our CTO’s Birthday and How You Can, Too

This week at VersionOne we had the opportunity to celebrate our CTO Ian Culling for having a birthday.  He won’t tell us how old he is, so I guess that means he’s over 20?  If you get the chance to … Continue reading

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Honk If You Love Hackweek

Alexa, honk Ian’s horn.” Uncomfortable silence. You know the kind when you are in a demo and shit doesn’t work and the audience just stares at you. The air gets thick, you sweat a little and you shake your mouse … Continue reading

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2015 Spirit of VersionOne Award

Each year the VersionOne team nominates employees for the annual Spirit of VersionOne award to recognize an individual who best represents the core values of VersionOne. This year we are sincerely honored to announce that Mark Schultz is the Spirit … Continue reading

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The Agile Community to Join Forces in Detroit: @AgileAndBeyond

Agile and Beyond: the words paint an image of a dark, star-lit sky. The starship Agile floats through the air toward some distant, efficient, high-performing process improvement. Excuse the attempt at a dreamy, poetic intro; I’ve got Valentine’s Day on … Continue reading

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Open Space Connects Like-Minded Agile Development Professionals at AgilePalooza Portland

People interested in agile development gathered from all across the Northwest (Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, King City) to attend AgilePalooza Portland last month. The attendees were eager to get started. An exceptional collection of agile development experts were poised to share … Continue reading

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The Top 4 Reasons You Need to Attend AgilePalooza

The people have spoken: “Open Space: Alan Shalloway helped lead discussion. Loved it!!” “Great discussion and interesting topics.  I will definitely be back.” “Loved having an open dialogue with people from different companies/experiences talking about the most popular topics — … Continue reading

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