About the Product Blog

Faster than a speeding kb article.Super V
More powerful than a press release.
Able to leap tall release notes in a single bound.
Look! Up in the internet!
It’s a tweet. It’s a fan page.
It’s the VersionOne Product Blog!

If you’ve attended VersionOne training or spoken with us at conferences, then you’ve witnessed the passion that VersionOne employees have for helping organizations improve their software delivery.  Since 2002, we’ve focused that passion on creating the leading agile management platform so our customers can scale their agile software development initiatives faster and easier. Along the way, we’ve shared our opinions about agile principles, practices, and events on our Agile Management Blog.  Since our audience was the entire agile community, we left out discussion of our product.

Enter the VersionOne Product Blog.

A few weeks ago we had a chartering session about the product blog.  It didn’t take us long to agree that our main goal for the blog is to share our passion for the VersionOne product and how it benefits our customers.  You’ll see posts for new releases, tips and tricks, customer success stories, and glimpses into life at VersionOne.  If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening with VersionOne, then look no further!

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