Rank And File

All Scrum tools can manage a backlog. There is a great variety in the power of these tools, however. Managing a small list of a few items is one thing. Being able to manage large backlogs is something we’re quite focused on at VersionOne. Take a look at this video that shows how easy it is to take a raw unorganized backlog and quickly turn it into a sequentially ranked set of features that is ready for the team to dig into.

Sure, the example is done with a relatively small backlog to make the results easily visible, but notice how the number of steps remains constant even with a large backlog in your release. At most, you may need to customize your view to show a greater number of items per page. The power of filters and multi-select…it’ll help you get your backlog in ship shape.

About Mark Crowe

Mark Crowe is Senior Director of Product Management at VersionOne. Since 2003, Mark has been driving the evolution of VersionOne's market-leading agile ALM product lines, internal Product Management team and product planning processes. Prior to joining VersionOne, Mark lived the life of a technology consultant in Silicon Valley where he developed an appreciation for iterative development principles while working at clients such as Netscape Communications, Apple, and AMD before cutting his teeth in Product Management at an Atlanta area startup. Mark's passion lies in the intersection of creating great products and maximizing value delivered through iteration. In his free time, Mark enjoys family, photography, futbol (Go Barça!), football (Go Irish!) and coaching youth soccer.
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  1. Scott says:

    I don’t see the video… is it available on another page?

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