Epics So Easy, My 15-Year-Old Did it in 30 Minutes

Who says agile project planning and tracking tools have to be difficult?

My 15-year-old daughter, who had never laid eyes on VersionOne and knows nothing about agile-speak, just went through an exercise I designed for Staples and, in 30 minutes, created a multi-level Epic hierarchy, with subordinate stories, tasks, and tests; planned a release; planned a sprint; tracked a sprint; and closed and split stories!

For more info on Epics in VersionOne, check out Agile Project Planning and Tracking Tools.

Lee Cunningham

About Lee Cunningham

Lee Cunningham is the senior director, enterprise agile strategy at VersionOne. Lee is focused on advising the executive sponsors and senior leaders of large enterprises, providing insight and practical guidance to meet the challenges of large-scale agile. Prior to joining VersionOne, Lee held numerous positions of leadership in software development and delivery. He grew the agile practices in several organizations, and led the agile transformation of a large multi-national enterprise. Lee has trained, coached, and mentored hundreds of teams in scores of organizations around the world. His experience, pragmatic approach, and customer focus keep him in demand as a trusted advisor.
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  1. Mohammed Khalid says:

    We mean it when we say “Agile Made Easier” 🙂

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