What to Expect in our Bi-Weekly Live Product Demonstrations! Part 3 of 3

Continued from Part 2

The final part of this series will focus on the area of the demonstration which covers additional areas to get you up and running.


VersionOne comes preloaded with over 50 reports that provide key metrics for the various roles within the systems. 

Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard allows the Product Owner or Stakeholder to get a good grasp on what’s going on in the project.  As with all the reports, the data presented depends on the level of Project Hierarchy.

This dashboard allows the user to look:

  • Burndown of Remaining Estimate
    • Letting the user see how much work is left for the selected project
  • Velocity
    • Answering the question, “How much work my team has been delivering the past few Sprints?”
  • Trend – Total Estimate
    • Visibility into whether Scope is changing and how work is burning up
  • Trend – Test Count by Status
    • Providing the QA Manager visibility into the overall state of tests

Project Summary

The Project Summary is a Gantt type report that gives the user understanding of the Open vs. Closed Estimate for their Projects.  Green indicates the work that is completed as it’s moving closer and closer to its end date.  They’re also able to get additional metrics as shown in the image below.

Support and Integrations:

The support link takes a user to the VersionOne Community Site, which expands the online help system with additional resources.

VersionOne’s open user community site offers our users a centralized location for product announcements, product videos, release notes, knowledge base, download for our integrations, and more.

Speaking of integrations, VersionOne currently integrates with 47 + ALM tools with 25 of them being open source.  We also have a handful of community contributed integrations available on the community site.  Our integrations allow customers to truly integrate their ALM suite with our Agile Management Tool.

So there you have it!  By now you’re probably on the edge of your seat anxious to sign up for one these bad boys right?  Just register at this link and take 1 step closer to transitioning/supporting your Agile state!

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