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Using the VersionOne Project Navigator to Avoid the Giant Project Tree

As the world of agile grows, so do the sizes of organizations that have scaled their efforts. As a result, some people are finding it difficult to navigate through a large agile Project Tree in VersionOne. Our Spring ’11 Release addressed this with the inclusion of a VersionOne Project Navigator, which has moved navigation control out of the collapsible-display area and into. This allows users to conveniently switch projects from anywhere within the application, even with the left-hand side collapsed. Here are some tips on using the VersionOne Project Navigator.
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Sprint Planning Time Savers 201

Continuing the theme of saving time during Sprint Planning from the Time Savers 101 post, lets take it a little further… Ok, so I have a template…and I know how to copy a task to a story from the template. … Continue reading

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Sprint Planning Time Savers 101

Sometimes Sprint Planning Meetings can be long and tedious. Especially if your teams are estimating things at the same time. In using VersionOne, you can take advantage of the Templates to help streamline this process. For example, if your teams … Continue reading

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How much and when?

Have you ever wondered why VersionOne provides a numerical Estimate field at the Story level and a Detail Estimate field for Tasks and Tests? What’s the difference? A Story estimate is usually described as a measurement of relative complexity from … Continue reading

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Long Distance Relationships

Is it possible to maintain a healthy and productive long-distance relationship? Does out of sight lead to out of mind in your world? Do you find your eyes and hands wandering when your partner is not right beside you? (Get … Continue reading

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