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Drive Better Version Control Practices with CommitStream™

We’re very excited to announce the general release of CommitStream™. Initially released in limited beta in our Winter 2015 release, CommitStream is now available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions. At launch we will be supporting GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. … Continue reading

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Using Conversations to Help Business and Development Work Together

A very important component of the agile mindset is the partnership of business and development. When your company culture shifts away from silos to an all-for-one mentality where teams are working together on a regular basis, the organization’s capability to … Continue reading

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The Large and the Small: Winter 2014 is Here

A new year is upon us and with that, the new Winter 2014 Release. While the process of delivering our quarterly releases means each is roughly equivalent in size, there is still something special about the annum’s turn. With thoughts … Continue reading

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From VersionOne Customer to VersionOne Employee – Part 1

As a former customer working with VersionOne as my agile project management tool, I’ve now crossed over to the other side by coming to work for VersionOne as a Product Specialist. I can tell you that I’ve had positive experiences … Continue reading

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Summer 2013 Release: Reach Out and Touch Someone

The Summer 2013 Release has some interesting value-packaged within. Reach Out and Touch Someone The old telephone adage has taken on a new twist this summer. Where the mighty Ma Bell once featured this jingle as a means to stir emotion and … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Weekend Point Release (11.3 – 13.1)

This year, instead of yet another necktie (which surprisingly is still the number-one Father’s Day gift), how about a gift that he can really use… a brand new VersionOne Point Release! What dad wouldn’t love being notified via email anytime … Continue reading

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